You need to let loose or chill with no worries. You deserve it. It’s been a long day, or week (maybe even month) and the time has come to bring fun and relaxation back into your life. What’s better than enjoying an elevated evening by yourself or with friends? Enjoying the next morning without a hangover! You’ve been dreaming about that for so long – maybe you never thought it’d be possible. Now it’s time to make it happen. Experience lifting your spirits without dreading the next day. Move over, wine!

Wind Down, No Hangover gives you the option to choose which elevation is right for you. How much winding down (or flying up) do you want to do? This experience is packed with varying strengths of CBD and Delta-8 products. Dreams like this change often; this routine gives you the power to decide the dream you’re fulfilling in the moment.

2. Achieve the Dream

You never thought the day – or night – would come when you don’t have to worry about how you’ll feel afterwards. No more holding back because you’re afraid of the next morning. We can’t promise that you won’t have the munchies, though! This experience lets you put the alcohol away and arrive at a new state of joy. We’ve placed several products in Wind Down, No Hangover. This is so you can determine what strength, and therefore experience, is right for you. What works for your friend, may not be your dream. Choose products that are not only doable in your life, but ones that you can accurately dose with for maximum fun and dream actualization.


We’re providing you with an experience that is great for lifting your spirits if you’re a beginner or want to take the edge off. However, there are several Wind Down, No Hangover products below that you can layer together for your own dream-filled experience. Achieve your Wind Down, No Hangover dream with our Good Vibes gummy and Sky High tincture.

3. The Routine

1. Take one Good Vibes gummy. Wait 30-45 minutes and see how you feel. Are you vibing?

2. If you’d like more elevation, use our Sky High Delta-8 tincture to microdose to the perfect level. 1 drop = 1.5mg. Start with 1-2 drops.

3. If you ever feel too lifted, take a full serving of our Relief++ tincture.

Now, isn’t that just what you needed?

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