About Us

We slept on it,

and dreamt

something bigger.

Luna is a community of dreamers. In 2018, we decided to create a space where you can fulfill your own unique dream, or dreams, of a more fulfilled and genuine life through cannabis and self-care. We’re setting new expectations for our dreamers: creating routines that lead to lifelong, fulfilled experiences – we aren’t here to provide you with occasional-use products. We want you to achieve what you didn’t know was possible.

We’ve been where you are: sleepless nights, painful days and dull life moments. Enough was enough. Our group set out to educate ourselves on how cannabis can help solve the issues that had crushed our dreams. We wanted to understand how our bodies’ endocannabinoid system works, find the best strains of hemp, add the right supportive, active ingredients and most importantly, determine the ultra-effective routines in product usage to achieve what we no longer thought was possible: a balanced, dream-led – but achievable – life.

Luna leads through experience. We don’t ask anything of you that we didn’t ask of ourselves. Likewise, we know that your dreams are possible because ours have been actualized. We invite you to experience a new way to live because you deserve to dream bigger.

Mari Geier

Chief Education Officer

Mari Geier is the Chief Education Officer at Luna CBD. You might say Mari has been working her entire career to be where she can inspire you to truly dream and live. From college, she knew that the cannabis plant would play a role in her future. She obtained a BS in Horticulture and a BA in Anthropology from Penn State University. She studied how people use plants for medicine (wasn’t that a sign of what was to come?).

Mari is also passionate about truth in labeling and making sure every customer has a safe and effective product. She is leading the charge in clean ingredients, transparent and easy-to-understand labeling and honest messaging. Mari continues to be the trusted educator in the retail cannabis space for hemp-derived CBD –rich extracts.


 You can follow her on IG at @marigeier