You’re proud of your work. You work hard and it shows. Sometimes your boss is a bit too much and asks a lot of you, but you’re calm, cool and collected. You got this. Nothing, and no one, can kill your vibes. You have days packed with meetings, calls and presentations – all of which you master confidently. Even when your boss is off their rocker, you’re steadily unbothered because you’re your own boss and know you’re a Rockstar. Chill When Your Boss Is Extra is a regimen that brings out the superhuman skills you always had. There’s no breaking your cool.

Chill When Your Boss Is Extra gives you products for the workday and afterwards. You can bring the temperature down at work and unwind once you are home, leaving the day behind you. This experience combines cannabinoids so you receive the full entourage effect that gives your body more of what it needs to balance stressors. Being unphased by your boss may mean that you can go the day without feeling overwhelmed or it might be that you’re able to take on all tasks with confidence. Finding your Zen at work and relaxing once the day is done is possible.

2. Achieve the Dream

Whether you log on at home or go into the office, your job is demanding and your boss is, well, extra demanding. You need something to help you manage throughout the day and once the day is done, leave work at work. Your life is not your job, or your boss. You deserve to have every work day be productive and calm, even if others around you are not. Chill When Your Boss Is Extra is an experience you can live throughout the week, choosing how much chill you need for the day based on your boss’ extra-ness. In this experience you’ll find both CBD and Delta-8 products to relax you during the day and lift your spirits at night. It’s a full routine to combat even the toughest of days.


We’ve put together a go-to routine for stress management, but feel free to customize your experience based on your dream. This routine includes our Chill gummy, Hello Mellow gummy and Sky High tincture.

3. The Routine

1. You never know what days will bring the heat, so keep a jar of our Chill gummies at your desk.


2. Take a Chill gummy as you need it throughout the day. Just got assigned 3 more tasks on top of your current workload? Take a gummy. Having to rework that presentation? Take a gummy.

3. Upon arrival home, take ½ Hello Mellow gummy and wait 30-45 minutes.


4. If you need more chill vibes, take the remaining ½ of the Hello Mellow gummy.

5. Microdose with our Sky High Delta-8 tincture if needed throughout the night.

Enjoy being in a state of calm all day long!

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