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The day has come that you’re truly able to live and experience what life has in store for you. You no longer have to worry about if your body can carry you through a day filled with responsibilities, a full schedule and countless stressors. You’re experiencing more than what life is just meant to be: you’ve brought your dream day to life. Your dream day is free of pain and strife with a clear-headed and focused mind. Every day is more freeing than the last. We’ve created an experience just for you, so you can take back control of your days. You dreamt it and now you have the power.

It’s time you experience relaxing evenings filled with easy going moments, calmness and restfulness. Your days are long and sometimes ask a lot of you; your nights are a time for you to unwind completely. Your peaceful evening is more than just getting a good night’s rest, it is made up of quiet moments of gratitude, the occasional pampering, enjoying time with your loved ones and not allowing stress to weigh your mind down. Anything and everything of which your Nighttime dream is made is a peaceful evening. This experience is here to give you back your nights, even if you’ve given up hope of finding your Nighttime dream. You’ll soon be dreaming up new dreams to bring to life!



You’re able to experience your day with more clarity, reduced stress and less moments of anxiety and overthinking from the moment you take your first step to your last thought before closing your eyes at night. Gone are the overwhelming days you barely survive… and the days you’re without resources to help you manage and navigate through whatever life throws at you. Being stress-free doesn’t mean you’ll never experience tough moments; it means you have less stressful events and you’re equipped to manage those you cannot avoid. You’re strong. You’re prepared. You’re ready.

You wake up feeling like you slept in the clouds. Your day is full of movement without fear of retriggering an injury. You can do all of the tasks your day and night bring you because your body has balanced and been liberated from the grip pain had on it. It’s been a while since you’ve felt ready to take on what the day brings from walking the dog to sitting long hours at a desk or working out. Your dream is to be able to do what you thought was no longer possible… and you can.



You need to let loose or chill with no worries. You deserve it. It’s been a long day, or week (maybe even month) and the time has come to bring fun and relaxation back into your life. What’s better than enjoying an elevated evening by yourself or with friends? Enjoying the next morning without a hangover! You’ve been dreaming about that for so long – maybe you never thought it’d be possible. Now it’s time to make it happen. Experience lifting your spirits without dreading the next day. Move over, wine!

It’s time for self-care and self-reflection and it starts Saturday morning. This time is for you. It’s for you to look inward at who you’ve become and all you’ve accomplished and it’s for you to look outward at the place you’ve arrived in this world. Your Soul Search dream is about who you are, what makes you whole and your unique space that you fill so grandly in this vast universe. This dream has been waiting for you. It’s time you met it – you won’t regret it.



You just had an amazing brunch followed by a relaxing stroll in the park. Or maybe you slept in and met some friends in the afternoon for a few drinks while watching a game. Your Sunday Funday is complete. But this Sunday is different: you don’t get anxious that the weekend’s over. You’re ready to continue relaxing for the night and confront the week ahead full-on. Your empowered and confident. No More Sunday Scaries! You’ve found the remedy: a peaceful end to the weekend and an assured outlook on the week.

You work hard and enjoy your life. You go hard in the gym, on the trails, or on the field and you work hard at your job. Your social life is just as intense. You have fun. Your body is able to keep up and is renewed every day despite the work you put in and all that you ask of it. It finally appreciates you as much as you value it. Your body doesn’t take a few days to recover from an intense workout or long hike and you’re always ready to get back at it. You have a clear mind at your desk, energy to meet your friends for happy hour and you can do it all again if you want to. Work Hard, Play Hard, Recover Harder is the routine your oh-so-capable body has dreamed of long before you knew it – it’s able to perform, recover, repeat.



A cough or sniffle isn’t stopping you from sleeping soundly through the night. You’re ready for bed and the rest your body needs to rid itself of this cold. You’re confident because you have the routine and tools you need to make this happen. A long, quiet night of peaceful rest awaits you. Sleep Even with A Cough gives you the power to take back the nights that coughs used to control.

You’re proud of your work. You work hard and it shows. Sometimes your boss is a bit too much and asks a lot of you, but you’re calm, cool and collected. You got this. Nothing, and no one, can kill your vibes. You have days packed with meetings, calls and presentations – all of which you master confidently. Even when your boss is off their rocker, you’re steadily unbothered because you’re your own boss and know you’re a Rockstar. Chill When Your Boss Is Extra is a regimen that brings out the superhuman skills you always had. There’s no breaking your cool.



You’re living the high life. The day (and possibly night) is open to an experience you’ve been waiting so long to enjoy. All of your worries quickly disappear and it’s just you and the day, wherever that may take you. This is your time to let loose. Are you indulging in self-care? Maybe you’re headed out with the crew to catch a game and have some good eats? You could have just arrived at an event that you need to spice up a bit. Your day can even welcome lots of twists and turns that extend into a joyous evening. Just as good as living your best SaturDAY: you don’t have to throw money away on drinks, nor do you have to worry about a nasty hangover on Sunday. You can finally live your Saturday as you’ve dreamed – just be prepared for a few munchies.


A full day of free movement, a clear head and confident spirit. You’re taking charge and accomplishing both what needs to be done and what you want to do. You have balance in your life. Your body feels great and supports you in everything you do throughout the day. Microdosing helps maintain a highly functioning endocannabinoid system (ECS) so you can experience all that life brings you, and all that you bring to life. When you feed your ECS over time, it is better able to absorb the supplementation and put the cannabinoids to work, leaving your body in a position to be able to give you what you need.



You’re not just relaxed; you’ve found complete inner peace and Zen. You deserve to be pampered and indulged. Your skin is hydrated, your mind is calm and your soul is rested. This is a day for you to celebrate yourself and recharge for what’s to come. In your dream world, self-care is mandatory. It’s your time to do what you need for you, without interruption. Treat Yourself brings you that dream.