You’re living the high life. The day (and possibly night) is open to an experience you’ve been waiting so long to enjoy. All of your worries quickly disappear and it’s just you and the day, wherever that may take you. This is your time to let loose. Are you indulging in self-care? Maybe you’re headed out with the crew to catch a game and have some good eats? You could have just arrived at an event that you need to spice up a bit. Your day can even welcome lots of twists and turns that extend into a joyous evening. Just as good as living your best SaturDAY: you don’t have to throw money away on drinks, nor do you have to worry about a nasty hangover on Sunday. You can finally live your Saturday as you’ve dreamed – just be prepared for a few munchies.

SaturDAY Fun is all about getting and staying high – as high as you’d like for as long as you’d like. It’s an experience that is for both beginners and those more experienced because it gives the user the decision of how much to dose with through products designed for microdosing. Whether this is your first Saturday experiencing the high life, or one you’ve been waiting to perfect, it’s one you won’t forget.

2. Achieve the Dream

It might have been a while since you’ve reached a blissful SaturDAY, which is why it is such a big dream. You welcome the reprieve of responsibility and worry. You’re ready for a new, elevated experience that brings you continuous laughter and joy for as long as you want. In this experience you’ll find our top microdosing products to keep you in your dream state throughout the day… and night, if that’s where the day leads.


SaturDAY Fun has three products meant to start the day and keep it going, as well as balance you out if you get a bit too elevated. Take a look at how we recommend you achieve your SaturDAY Fun dream with our Creativity Boost tincture, Sky High tincture and Relief++ tincture.

3. The Routine

Pro tip: keep a bottle of Relief++ on-hand in case you take too much Delta-8 in this routine. You’re going to want to enjoy yourself, and we want you to, so be prepared just in case your enjoyment gets too lifted.

1. Start mid-morning with ½ dropper Creativity Boost tincture to get the fun started.

2. An hour to two later, begin to microdose with our Sky High tincture, taking 2 drops at a time (each hour) until you’re laughing and headed on your dream journey.

3. Feel a bit too high? Take a full dropper of our Relief++ tincture to balance out your endocannabinoid system, brining you down just a bit.

Wasn’t that some epic SaturDAY fun? You’re going to have to do that again next SaturDAY.

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