You’re not just relaxed; you’ve found complete inner peace and Zen. You deserve to be pampered and indulged. Your skin is hydrated, your mind is calm and your soul is rested. This is a day for you to celebrate yourself and recharge for what’s to come. In your dream world, self-care is mandatory. It’s your time to do what you need for you, without interruption. Treat Yourself brings you that dream.

Treat Yourself is an experience made of products worthy of a five-star spa and Delta-8 ingestibles to keep your vibe leveled throughout the day. With a full range of products and cannabinoids, you’ll not only be nourishing yourself, you’ll also be caring for your endocannabinoid system. Win!

2. Achieve the Dream

You finally have a day, or maybe just an hour or two, to yourself. You know it is time to take a moment to celebrate you and all that you do. That’s why we’ve designed Treat Yourself. It is an experience for dreamers like you who deserve to be pampered and find their peace, especially when free time is so rare. You can choose your routine based on what needs the most love and attention and how much time you may have to Treat Yourself.


We’ve placed several of our favorite self-indulgent products in this experience for you to decide what makes up your at-home self-care routine. If your muscles need relaxation, go for our Detoxify soak over our bath bombs. If you want to be more elevated, choose our Sky High tincture over our Good Vibes gummies. Our routine below is best for a relaxing day that hydrates your skin, supports a less stressful mind and relaxes your soul.

3. The Routine


1. Start your self-indulgence with our Hydrate bath bomb. Run a bath to your liking, drop in the bath bomb and sink into relaxation that leaves you hydrated and refreshed with shea butter and sunflower oil. (Pro tip: you can shave your legs without shaving cream when you’re in this bath!)

2. After your bath, apply Soothe Balm on your pressure points. This balm is made with organic CBD-rich hemp extract, contains lavender essential oil for ease and shea butter for hydration. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

3. Continue your day with 1 Good Vibes Delta-8 gummy for a lift in your spirits.

Do what makes you happy and whole!


1. End your day with our Midnight bath bomb for an ultimate, full-day experience.

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