A full day of free movement, a clear head and confident spirit. You’re taking charge and accomplishing both what needs to be done and what you want to do. You have balance in your life. Your body feels great and supports you in everything you do throughout the day. Microdosing helps maintain a highly functioning endocannabinoid system (ECS) so you can experience all that life brings you, and all that you bring to life. When you feed your ECS over time, it is better able to absorb the supplementation and put the cannabinoids to work, leaving your body in a position to be able to give you what you need.


A consistent high that leaves you feeling lifted throughout your experience. You can choose the level you arrive at and decide how long you’d like to journey there. Some days you may just want to keep it mellow for a few hours while others you want to laugh non-stop all night (or day). This dream is up to you… microdosing just helps you keep it as high as you want for as long as you want.

2. Achieve the Dream

The Microdosing experience can be one that is solely focused on CBD and holistic wellbeing or it can be one for enjoyment and relaxation. It can even be combining the two for a truly well-rounded experience by giving your ECS what it needs throughout the day and letting yourself unwind in the evening. Whatever your dream experience is, our high-potency products are here to deliver.


It’s important to select products that are high in strength and quality when microdosing. Our Relief++, Sky High Delta-8 and Free tinctures were designed with microdosing in mind. You can choose what experience you’d like, or try all three.

3. The Routine

Supporting a clear-headed, pain-free lifestyle:

1. Microdose Relief++ all day long. 5-10mg every 2-3 hours. For reference, ¼ dropper is 12.5mg and 3 drops is equal to 5mg.

2. For a THC-free experience, try microdosing with our Everyday Free tincture, taking ½ dropper every 2-3 hours.

Supporting a clear-headed, pain-free lifestyle:

1. Microdose with our Sky High Delta-8 tincture, starting with 2 drops. Wait 1 hour and see how you feel.


2. If you are high after the first dose, wait 3 hours and take another 2 drops.


3. If you are not high after the first dose, take 1 drop every hour until you feel elevated.


Supporting a well-rounded experience:

1. Combine the two experiences from above, starting the Sky High Delta-8 tincture after dinner.


Live the day as you dream!

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