You work hard and enjoy your life. You go hard in the gym, on the trails, or on the field and you work hard at your job. Your social life is just as intense. You have fun. Your body is able to keep up and is renewed every day despite the work you put in and all that you ask of it. It finally appreciates you as much as you value it. Your body doesn’t take a few days to recover from an intense workout or long hike and you’re always ready to get back at it. You have a clear mind at your desk, energy to meet your friends for happy hour and you can do it all again if you want to. Work Hard, Play Hard, Recover Harder is the routine your oh-so-capable body has dreamed of long before you knew it – it’s able to perform, recover, repeat.

True recovery requires a holistic approach containing both internal and external supplementation with formulas that are robust and target exactly what needs attention. This is why we’ve selected some of our best products with specific strains of hemp to work hand-in-hand with proven herbal additives to repair muscles, ease tension in your mind and restore overall balance. How does your body feel and perform in your dreams? We bet it’s the results you’ll gain from this experience’s routine.

2. Achieve the Dream

You’re a go getter, a hustler. You need a routine that will fit in your schedule because it is non-stop. And you need products that will go harder at recovery than you do at life. You know that long days bring stress to your body and mind and you’re ready to do something about it. This experience brings products rich in CBD hemp extract, specific terpenes and time-tested remedies like magnesium and arnica for extra recovery. Now you can feed your body what it needs, allowing it to perform for you every time you ask it to. We’ve placed several products in Work Hard, Play Hard, Recover Harder that address internal and external stressors you’ve placed on your body. This experience is more than just repairing your body: it brings your body into compete balance because you need your mind and body to work in harmony to bring your non-stop dreams to life.


It’s important that you choose products that you can stay consistent with and work in your schedule. This experience gives you options to choose from so you can achieve your dream of complete recovery. In order to get there, you must stick to your regimen. Our Work Hard, Play Hard, Recover Harder routine is one that will approach your recovery with multiple methods. Here’s our favorite repair and recover routine using our Chill gummy, Detoxify soak, Recovery Stick and Relief++ tincture.

3. The Routine

1. At the end of your busy day, take one chill gummy and relax. Let your mind start to let go of all your stress.

2. Once you feel at ease, run a bath to your liking and place 1-2 scoops of our Detoxify soak into the water. Slip in and let the dead sea salts pull toxins out of your body while magnesium and essential oils relax your muscles and mind.

3. Apply the Recovery Stick on areas that are painful, have inflammation or soreness. Pay attention to shoulders, traps and your neck in order to release tension from stress commonly held in those areas.

4. Finish your new routine with ½ dropper of our Relief++ tincture 20 minutes before bed.

Feel the continued recovery day after day and be confident you can push past new goals and achieve your biggest dreams!

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