It’s time for self-care and self-reflection and it starts Saturday morning. This time is for you. It’s for you to look inward at who you’ve become and all you’ve accomplished and it’s for you to look outward at the place you’ve arrived in this world. Your Soul Search dream is about who you are, what makes you whole and your unique space that you fill so grandly in this vast universe. This dream has been waiting for you. It’s time you met it – you won’t regret it.

Saturday Soul Search brings the best of relaxation and creativity together so you can find your peace at your own pace… wherever that may take you. Your dream could be journaling and reading a book, or maybe it’s dancing in front of the mirror or even finishing a fun project. Whatever your Soul is calling you to do, this experience will help you arrive. Saturday Soul Search combines CBD and Delta-8 as well as ingestible and topical products to give you the power to choose your journey.

2. Achieve the Dream

It’s Saturday morning and you have the day to yourself to relax, do what brings you joy and peace of mind. It’s your time to get lost in yourself. No disruptions or obligations… just inner bliss. What is your inner bliss? Saturday Soul Search is how you find it. We’ve placed several products in our Saturday Soul Search experience so you can choose the right combination that will take you on your unique journey. Inner bliss is realized and found when you give yourself permission to lose yourself in the moment with the help of the right products.


We’re providing you with a routine that will guide you on your search. You can find all of our favorite Saturday Soul Search products below that you can layer together for your own dream-filled experience. For now, here’s how you can achieve your inner bliss dream with our Chill gummy, Soothe Balm and Creativity Boost gummy.

3. The Routine

1. Start your day with one Chill gummy and apply our Soothe Balm to your neck while sipping your favorite tea or coffee. Your Soul Search has begun.

2. After breakfast, take ½ Creativity Boost gummy to liven your spirits.

3. If you desire more elevated creativity, take the remaining half of the Creativity Boost gummy. If you want more relaxation, take ½ Chill gummy.

4. It’s always a good idea to reapply the Soothe Balm to your pressure points as needed to continue any release of tension.

Get lost in yourself, dream big and enjoy this well-deserved experience!

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