A cough or sniffle isn’t stopping you from sleeping soundly through the night. You’re ready for bed and the rest your body needs to rid itself of this cold. You’re confident because you have the routine and tools you need to make this happen. A long, quiet night of peaceful rest awaits you. Sleep Even with A Cough gives you the power to take back the nights that coughs used to control.

Sleep Even with A Cough gives you more than powerful cannabinoids to help you sleep: it provides you with immune-boosting ingredients like elderberry and echinacea to help you recover and heal at the same time. With this experience you can live the dream of sleeping even with a cough so you can keep dreaming the dreams that inspire you.

2. Achieve the Dream

You’re so over this cough (and maybe a little sniffle or two). You’ll do anything to help it subside, especially so you can sleep. Sleep Even with A Cough is a full approach to soothing your throat and prepping your body to rest peacefully through the night.


The products in this experience are sure to help you bring this long-awaited dream to life. Our signature routine includes our Immune lozenge, Sleep tincture, Sleep+ soft gel and Lights Out gummy. See how they can work for you.

3. The Routine

1. After dinner, take 1-2 Immune lozenges to soothe your throat and give your body’s immune system a big boost with elderberry, echinacea and ginseng.

2. 15 minutes before bed, take 1 dropper of our Sleep tincture and 1 Sleep+ soft gel.

3. If you really need the extra push to rest soundly, take ½ Lights Out Delta-8 gummy.

Sleep like you never thought you could with a cough!

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