How Does CBD Help with Sleep?

How Does CBD Help with Sleep?
If you’re here, you’re a dreamer. But are you just daydreaming and not able to get those precious, deep night dreams in? Or, maybe you already have the perfect CBD for sleep and you’re just wondering how CBD helps with sleep. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. Let’s get to it.


First, we need to understand how CBD, and other cannabis products, work with our bodies.




CBD acts on all receptors of your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which makes it the star cannabinoid. It is known as a “major” cannabinoid and is one from which our bodies will potentially receive the most benefit. The ECS is one of our body’s biological systems and is responsible for producing and processing cannabinoids. Simply put, the ECS is a group of enzymes, receptors and chemicals that our bodies make to balance all of its other systems like the central nervous system and the sleep cycle. Have you ever asked yourself, “How does CBD work in the brain?” That’s how: The ECS!

Once CBD is taken, it interacts with various receptors in the ECS and then the body does its job in processing, metabolizing and using the compound. We supplement our bodies with CBD so that it may do the work of putting CBD to use and receiving potential benefits like sleep.


Head over to our FAQ page for even more details on CBD, Delta 8, the ECS and more.


Now we can dive into learning how CBD can support our bodies in getting restful sleep.




The ECS is the MVP here. We simply supplement and support our body’s natural system that works to give us our beauty rest. If you aren’t sleeping, chances are, it is out of balance. Using CBD can bring your ECS back into homeostasis, thereby increasing the likelihood you’ll have sweet dreams once again.

But how? Remember, some receptors of the ECS are located in the central nervous system (among many other places throughout the body). The central nervous system regulates our sleep through neurotransmitters. So, when we take care of our ECS, it, in turn, takes care of the systems that regulate sleep cycles and restful sleep.


Now it is time to get the most out of your ECS for A-one sleep! Full spectrum CBD from the right hemp strain with the right terpenes is how to do it. To most positively aid the ECS in regulating sleep cycles and promoting more restful, consistent sleep, we must give it as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible.

Ok, so what are terpenes and what is full spectrum CBD? Terpenes are what give hemp (and marijuana) plants their taste and smell. But they may also have a role in determining how we may benefit from specific strains by working in conjunction with CBD and other minor cannabinoids. This is known as the entourage effect (check out this study on the entourage effect): an interaction of cannabinoids and terpenes whereby countless compounds interact and work together to bring balance to your ECS. This effect is had when using full spectrum products containing CBD and all other minor cannabinoids (over 80) and full terpene profiles.

We believe that nourishing your ECS with a full spectrum product with sleep-promoting terpenes will help you achieve your most wonderful night dreams. That’s why we’ve created a full spectrum tincture from a specific strain of organic hemp that has key terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, A-bisabolol and Humulene. These terpenes have been studied for their potential ability to help your body rest. Our Sleep Tincture is the original Luna CBD product. It works by specifically targeting receptors in your body to promote sleep with CBD (through the ECS). Don’t like tinctures? We have the same oil in a soft gel form! Check out our Sleep+ Capsules.



Okay, now you know how it works. So, we bet you’re wondering how much you need to take for a general sleep aid or for insomnia. The big questions are: how much CBD for insomnia? Will CBD make me tired?




The correct CBD dosage is paramount for your body to receive the maximum support from CBD. Everybody’s ECS is different and requires different strengths and dosage amounts to be properly supported. Many factors affect how your ECS receives and metabolizes phytocannabinoids (i.e.: CBD): individual sensitivity, body chemistry, other pharmaceutical use, medical condition (and intensity of that condition). Most importantly: you must be consistent! It can take up to 4 weeks to notice a meaningful change.

In general, we recommend those who are having trouble sleeping start between 15mg-25mg of full spectrum CBD, leaning towards the higher side. This dose should be taken at the same time every day. Increase your dosage in 5mg-10mg increments each week. Remember, it can take a few weeks to notice a difference as your ECS helps your body to balance your sleep cycle. Pay attention to the label when you purchase your CBD product. For example, our Sleep Tincture has a total of 500mg in the bottle. This means that one full dropper contains roughly 17mg. If you need a higher dosage, you would take multiple droppers. Tinctures are the easiest way to find the right dose. You can easily work your way up, or back down if needed. If you prefer a different delivery method like a soft gel or gummy, it may be a little difficult to dose incrementally.

If you want to try Delta 8 (D8) (like those products in our Weekend line that will get you high) and are new to D8, start with a lower dose first and be patient while working to find what suits your ECS. Start by taking ¼ to ½ a dropper if you are using a tincture and ¼ to ½ a gummy if you are using that delivery method. Unfortunately, there is no set way to determine your dose; you must try a product first and adjust as necessary. You do not want to take too much or too little, both of which would potentially render the dose ineffective. Most of the time, more is not better. You also should not take what works for your friend because that may not be the right dose for you. So, with D8, start low and slow. Increase your dose by a small amount (about 2mgs) every 2 days.



If you’ve made it this far, you’re committed and we like that. So, here’s a coupon code for 10% off our Nighttime line*. SHOP HERE. You’re on your way to better sleep!





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