CBD vs. D8: What’s the Difference and Why Take Them?

CBD vs. D8: What’s the Difference and Why Take Them?

Much like the start of the CBD industry, a lot of hype has grown around Delta-8 THC (D8) over the past few months. As your cannabinoid experts, it’s only fitting that we break down the difference and why and when you should take one or the other (or both). We won’t bore you, or over complicate this, so when you finish, you’ll have the actual, and factual, knowledge you need to make the best decision for you!



If you haven’t heard about D8, you’ve heard of its big sibling, Delta-9 THC (D9), the main psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant. D8 is also psychoactive, but is derived directly from CBD – which is made from the hemp plant – as an isomer… but more about that in another section.

D8 acts on about half of the receptors in your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your what?! Okay, we said we wouldn’t complicate this. Simply put, your ECS (yes, you have one) is a group of enzymes, receptors and chemicals that your body makes to balance all of its other systems like the central nervous system and the sleep cycle.  Back to D8… It is psychotropic in nature (yeah, you’ll get high if you take the right amount), but about half as potent as D9. This makes it more suitable for new users, micro-dosers (using small amounts throughout the day) and those who layer D8 with CBD to truly receive the full “entourage effect.” You’ll understand why that’s important a bit later.

Unlike D9, not a lot of research has been done on the scientific impacts of D8, but with the sharp uptick in usage, it is on the way.



            Cannabidiol (say that fast 3 times), or CBD, is a chemical compound found in all cannabis plants and for the products we sell, it is derived from the hemp plant (think low D9 THC: below 0.3% to make it legal). It is not psychoactive and will not get you high. CBD acts on all receptors of your ECS, which means it is the star cannabinoid and the one from which our bodies will potentially receive the most benefit.

            Much research has been done on CBD and its *potential* benefits/effects, which vary wildly from anxiety and stress, to pain management, neurological disorders, sleep regulation, heart health, acne and even cancer-related symptoms. How can it help with so many things? Remember, CBD is used by every part of your ECS.

We cannot and do not claim that you will receive any cure, treatment or benefit from CBD. We do encourage you to do your own research on scientific studies and make your own conclusion.



The D8 you find in our store is derived from the hemp plant, kinda… D8 is found in very small concentrations in the plant so it goes through a process to obtain an amount large enough to make a product. The D8 in your product is made through isomerization where it is isolated, or pulled directly from CBD. *Mind blown* How can you possibly make a different cannabinoid from CBD? All cannabinoids are very similar in molecular structure, so it only takes a few steps in a lab to get to D8 from CBD.

            If this process seems like something pulled straight out of a Frankenstein experiment, know that vitamins you take every day are made in a similar manner (most notably, Vitamin D). D8 is a safe cannabinoid whether it is taken from a product that went through isomerization or consumed directly from the hemp flower (although there would only be trace amounts).

            After the D8 formulation process is complete, manufacturers produce products just like they would any other cannabinoid-based product. D8 is found in edible products like gummies, tinctures and candies. D8 is also extremely popular to vape.



CBD is processed out of raw hemp flower into an oil through one of three main ways: ethanol extraction, CO2 extraction, or lipid extraction From there, the oil can be left in its crude form, processed into full spectrum (all cannabinoids present, <0.3% D9 THC), broad spectrum (most cannabinoids & no D9 THC) or isolate (only CBD).

            Once a manufacturer has the form of CBD oil desired for a specific product, the formulation begins. The most common CBD products are tinctures, or sublingual oils, followed by topical applications and gummies. Every delivery mechanism of CBD serves its own purpose; it is all about how a product is formulated that determines how our bodies will receive and use the CBD. Products supplement; bodies work. You may feel a difference right away with some products – like topicals that have other ingredients that help with alleviating pain – and other products may take a few uses to notice any benefit – like tinctures that take consistent, daily use.



We would rather ask, why shouldn’t you take them? These are supplements that are found naturally in our world and are meant to be processed by our bodies. We have an entire system structured in our bodies to use cannabinoids! It’s crazy to think that we aren’t supposed to consume CBD, D8 or any other cannabinoid. Let’s FINALLY move past this cannabis brainwashing that has been drilled into us over so many decades!

            Here’s the deal, your body needs help coping with the stress of life – be it literal stress, or stress on your body from pain, maybe even stress from lack of sleep – and your ECS needs support through the use of cannabinoids. So why not feed two birds with one plant? When our bodies don’t make enough of one supplement, we have to fill the gaps through outside supplementation, and CBD can help do that. If your doctor says you’re low on iron, you’d take an iron supplement, right? Our bodies are low on cannabinoids; we need to feed the system designed to thrive off of them with supplementation like CBD so we can live in homeostasis.

            More reasons, you say? Yes. As we age (hate to say it, but it happens) and with increased demands of life, it gets harder to sleep and recover. Am I right?! And recovery isn’t just recovery from working out… it’s recovery from a long day of work, or running the kids around, recovery from a weekend partying it up, recovery from every little annoyance that adds up. All of those things put an incredible amount of stress on our bodies. It is no surprise that we can’t sleep. CBD and D8 can aid our body in returning to a balanced sleep cycle and promote recovery to return to a more relaxed and stable state.

Remember, our BODIES do the work through the ECS. The product supplements what we need, our bodies absorb and then balance.


Because of the research done on CBD, we know the importance of the “entourage effect,” which is when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes work in unison to achieve maximum potential benefits. Remember, your ECS is made up of countless endocannabinoids (those neurotransmitters that say hello and bind to receptors in your nervous system). Accordingly, you must feed these endocannabinoids with several types of cannabinoids to truly have a well-rounded supplement routine. Each cannabinoid and terpene found in the plant and oil offer different uses. For that reason, we believe full spectrum products and layering (what’s that?) are the way to go.

Layering? Layering. Say you have stress (okay, that’s pretty much given right now), you need everyday management tools and an occasional boost, right? Right. So, you take CBD tinctures (this one is great) or gummies (try these) every day and maybe sink into a warm bath soak (relax here) with CBD and other awesome stress-relieving ingredients like lavender and dead sea salt a few times a week. Then, when you really want to mellow out (say hello to mellow with these gummies), you take a little D8 to find your zen and focus only on the here and now, peacefully. And there you have it; you’ve used a full range of cannabinoids in an easy routine and didn’t even have to think twice about it!

Like any supplement, please consult your healthcare professional before starting CBD and/or D8. If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not use these supplements.



            Start slow, especially if you are new to any form of THC. Take a low mg gummy (or tincture) and cut it into a few pieces so you have between 2.5-5mg. Take 1 piece and wait 45-60 minutes. If you do not feel anything, take another piece. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water! You might have the munchies later on, but we’re talking about eating before/during taking D8. If you feel relaxed, focused or even high (whatever your intended effect is), you’ve found your dose. If you haven’t, continue to take small (2.5-5mg at a time) amounts 45 mins – 1 hour apart. You should only have to do this experiment once or twice until you find your ideal amount. Then you can dive right in!

Okay, so you’re ready to try D8 but you have one burning question… How is D8 legal? Well, it contains less than 0.3% D9 THC and comes from the hemp plant. Those two stipulations make it 100% federally legal. Thanks, 2018 Farm Bill!

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