The Benefits of Luna CBD

The Benefits of Luna CBD

We’re different. Really.
Your partner in boutique-quality hemp derived CBD

Let’s face it, there isn’t a great deal of differentiation in the CBD market. Consumers are confused about the “CBDs” and can’t tell how many milligrams they are taking with each serving or how much CBD is in each serving. Many consumers don’t even know the concentration of CBD in the brand they are purchasing. They just want to find relief.​

When it comes to CBD quality and product/brand differentiation, many wholesalers are just rushing to get a CBD product to market and hoping that by the sheer offering of CBD that retailers will jump on board. Where a few brands that have created a following on social media or have been around long enough to hold large positions in the market, there is still an opportunity for smaller, craft brands to emerge as leaders within the market.

​Luna CBD is one of those brands. Recently, in a strategic move to gain more market share, the company sold to top natural food retailers from the Atlanta market to rebrand and create a product line that consumers want. Clear labeling, beautiful packaging and quality organic hemp derived CBD from strains that deliver the most rewarding experience in self-care.

Luna CBD products come from 100% organic hemp. Our products are grown outdoors, organically from plants that are cloned to provide the highest quality and most consistent cannabinoid profiles from batch to batch. Our farmers do not use pesticides on our crops nor do we use harsh solvents in our extraction. Our products are grown, extracted and bottled in Colorado using CO2 extraction and winterization

We infuse our full spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract into cold pressed USDA organic certified hemp seed oil to provide for greater absorption and to exploit the full potential of the hemp plant. Beyond that, we only add vitamin E to keep the product fresh from bottling to you. We choose not to add essential oils or other ingredients to our Original Full Spectrum product to keep it simple and because the majority of the published research is based on extracts without added flavors.

Our proprietary full spectrum hemp extract formula contains a powerful combination of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that promote easy absorption. These botanical compounds act as receptors and transmitters that run through the connective tissue and into the organs of the body to help regulate homeostasis, or balance.

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